Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Shimmer Sprays

Starbursts are Lindy's most popular colour sprays! With dye ink and gorgeous shimmer these are perfect for Mixed Media, Scrapbooking and paper craft projects as you can spritz, mist and splat!

When filling your Lindy's Stamp Gang Starbursts, Moon Shadows or Glitz Spritzes, make sure you use warm water (not too hot). Lindy's recommend filtered water, if you have it, though tap water will work fine. ***If you know your water is full of minerals or chemicals, Lindy's highly recommend using filtered water just to make sure it doesn't react with the colours.

FILLING YOUR BOTTLE FOR THE FIRST TIME: Remove sprayer & tap out any extra powder in tube Fill to fill line on the label, with warm water. Swirl or stir. LET SIT AT LEAST 10 MINUTES TO LET EVERYTHING DISSOLVE OR YOU CAN GET CLOGGING! Replace sprayer. Swirl or shake to mix & spray to your heart's content. (If your colour isn't exactly as you expect, stir, shake or swirl & wait a little longer to let the colors fully dissolve).

TIPS: Quick, rapid pushing on the sprayer will give more of a fine mist. Slower, more firm pushing on the sprayer will give more splatters and texture. Lindy's sprayers are not just another boring fine mist sprayer, they were chosen by Lindy to have a little "splatter" when they sprayed because she loved texture! So experiment and see what great things you can create. If you need the even coverage of a fine mist sprayer, we recommend you either over spray and wipe away the excess with a paper towel.