Kielty Alcohol Ink - Liath Macha (Grey)

Bottle size: 15ml

Kielty Alcohol Ink - Liath Macha (Grey).

In the words of Kielty Ink:

So why the name Liath Macha? The Liath Macha (grey of Macha) is a horse of the hero Cúchulainn in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. The Liath Macha appeared to Cúchulainn from the pool of Linn Liaith in the mountains of Sliab Fuait along with another horse called Dub Sainglend (black of Saingliu), a gift from either Macha or her sister the Morrígan. Cúchulainn leaped onto their backs, and they ran around Ireland for a day but could not throw him off, after which they were tamed.


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Kielty Alcohol Ink - Liath Macha (Grey)
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