Kielty Alcohol Ink - Caorthannach (Yellow)

Bottle size: 15ml

Kielty Alcohol Ink - Caorthannach (Yellow).

In the words of Kielty Ink:

So why the name Caorthannach? Caorthannach or the mother of demons is one of the greatest foes that St. Patrick was ever said to face. This demon was said to give birth to the devil himself and for hundreds of years produced many offspring that caused havoc. She was said to live in a cave underneath Loch Derg which acted as a direct gateway to hell. Caorthannach is said to have hatched from the very molten core of the earth, only to remain there to bide her time and wait for the arrival of humans, the chosen prey of her and her spawn.


Brand:  Kielty Ink

Kielty Alcohol Ink - Caorthannach (Yellow)
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