Crafter's Workshop 6ins x 6ins Stencils

These 6ins x 6ins templates from Crafters Workshop, are made from sturdy, durable plastic and they are perfect for hand drawing doodles, swirls and shapes or creating journalling lines. Perfect for card making and mini books. Use with ink, paint, pens, pencils, glitter, or be creative!

Crafter's Workshop Angel Policy

We love the fact that we’ve inspired you to create items for sale, using our products. With that said, we adore our designers and are incredibly respectful of the time and energy they put into creating beautiful images for us to use. Please know that the rules below are there to protect and respect the integrity of our designers’ artwork. Here are the rules for using our images in your products:

You can use our images on your products, only IF the images are created by hand. Please do not scan/photograph our images (either alone or on your artwork) and then print or duplicate mechanically. You can hand-create up to 20 identical pieces using our designs. After that, we would consider it mass production and require you to pay our designers a licensing fee.