Lindy's Stamp Gang Magical Pigment Powders

Lindy's Stamp Gang Magicals are just that, magical! The powdered dye based pigments are unlike any 'pigment' powder that you've ever seen as theirs are dye based and "stain" rather than float within mediums. These powders are incredibly potent, so it just takes a tiny amount to colourize any number of things. There are endless possibilities with the Magicals and here are just a few of the options to use them. Just wet a paintbrush with water or alcohol and "watercolour" away. Lindy's Magicals contain a binding agent, are lightfast and "dye" as they move over porous surfaces. Add a bit of the pigment to your favourite medium - acrylic glaze, clear gesso, modeling paste, gel and fluid mediums, to colourize that medium.

Pigmented dye powders with a "KICK"! Magicals are sold in sets of 5 colours that "match" their spray sets, so those that match the Starburst line have that glorious shimmer you love, where the flats match the Flat Fabios and are just the scrumptious, vibrant colour! Add a little powder for softer versions of the colour and a lot for deep vibrant tinting.