Facebook Live Workshop with Rachel Harries

This workshop will create a fantastical seascape. In the workshop you will learn rust and patina paint effects to use on your piece and you will gain confidence using waxes and other media in this small assemblage project. I would anticipate the workshop taking approximately 2.5 hours and it will be paced in real time with ample opportunities for toilet and tea breaks, if it runs over I don’t anticipate it taking longer than 3 hours. As you are given access to the group prior to the workshop, I will explain a few things that will need to be prepared before hand, these are very basic such as building the box section of the shadow box and casting your mould with resin or clay so that everything is ready for assembly on the afternoon.

As well as the kit I would suggest:

Black gesso and a brush
Green Matt acrylic paint and a brush
Resin or clay to cast your mould
Water spray
Sand texture paste

Waxes - you will want a selection of metallic colours such as gold or brass, silver or steel and copper in addition for the body elements I tend to use at least two colours one of them is pretty much always Mystic Turquoise from the Prima Finnabair range, apart from that use whatever waxes you enjoy using, I have a selection but it is not essential to have many I would say the three metals and two colours will be ample. You will also want a couple of small brushes to use with waxes so bear in mind they won’t be any good for anything but waxes once you’ve used wax on them one of them wants to be very small, I will post pictures of the things I use in the group prior to the workshop, it’s nothing particularly special but they do the job. If you have any small oddments you want to add to the assemblage such as more cogs or beads or perhaps a small bottle with a message in it go for it, I will do my own assemblage in real time and explain some fundamentals so that you will be able to take the project as far as you like, equally there are extra cogs in the kit that with your cast elements will create a beautiful small assemblage. 

The box has been designed to have a suggestion of pipe work around it which we will use paint effects to enhance if you have pipe moulds you might want to enhance them further. It really is one of those projects that doesn’t need much or indeed anything adding to it to have the look in the pictures but if you want to take it further there’s plenty of scope so I would say this project will be of interest to those with no experience of this sort project to those seasoned creatives amongst us, it has something for everyone and I’m really looking forward to spending a creative afternoon with you